West Virginia students represented our state well at the 2016 Future Problem Solving Program International Conference June 1-5, 2016, at Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan. 

Kevin Donnelly, from Morgantown High School, represented the state of West Virginia as the flag bearer, wearing the Mountaineer costume (including the coon skin hat).  

In the Global Issues Problem Solving Competition, Eastwood Elementary School student Colin Addie and Mountaineer Middle School students Deah Gharib, Alex Solomon and Audrey Wood, competed in the junior division.  The two middle division teams from Suncrest Middle School (Fahmi Christiadi, Nick Giggenbach, Ben Shi, Calvin Seol) and Mountaineer Middle School School (Dayne Gibson, Olivia Kaddar, Kathryn Lerfald, Liz Warner) and the Senior Division team from Morgantown High School (Annabel Brazaitis, Kevin Donnelly, Raimah Hossain, Shannon Werntz) all represented West Virginia well. 

The Senior Division Morgantown High School team advanced to the finals in the skit competition!  Congratulations!

Terezia Galikova competed in MAGIC (Multi-Affiliate Global Issues Competition) in the Senior Division and Joey McBee competed in Middle Division MAGIC competition. 

Ben Shi entered and made it into the finals for the variety show, where he performed a song from Hamilton, with the help of two ladies from another affiliate state, in front of a full house.  Great job, Ben!

Alex and Kelley Solomon from Mountaineer Middle School participated in the FPSPI Choir and performed the FPS song and "Pressure" by Queen.  It was a memorable performance.

Luke Watson from Mountaineer Middle School and Emily Fisher from Morgantown High School competed in the Scenario Writing Team Competition in the Junior and Senior Divisions, respectively.  Luke Watson earned a second place finish in his division.  Way to go, Luke!

Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the International Conference.  Thanks for your hard work in representing our state!