Community Problem Solving

Students helping their school, neighborhood, city, county, or state.

Community Problem Solving (CmPS) allows teams to use their problem solving skills on current, real problems and presents the unique opportunity to accomplish the action plan.  Community problem solving is an excellent vehicle for service learning.  This action-oriented, authentic learning encourages students to use knowledge meaningfully across disciplines and become actively engaged in their education.  Students recognize, address, and overcome obstacles as they work together to make a positive difference in the community. Community problem solving allows students to move from ideas to action.  A community problem may take many forms.  A CmPS project can be a problem that exists within the school setting, the local, state, or national community, or even the global community. Community Problem Solving provides the vehicle for a significant learning experience, accepting and confronting real-life problems.

The following forms will guide teams through the process of selecting and working through a CmPS project.  Also found here are forms needed to enter the project in the state competition.

Coach Information

CmPS project types

CmPS Required Elements and Guidelines

Project Information for Coaches and Students

CmPS Team Cover Sheet for State Bowl

2018 Official Report Cover for IC

Publication Release (2017-2018) word document

Publication Release (2017-2018) pdf file




Thanks for caring about your community!