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 AA4ZZ Contest Team Fourbays on Two Meters in ARRL June VHF QSO Party

FourBay has wooden frame, please note center coax feed,

      the dowel helps keep the feedline out of the radiation pattern

Bottom view of Two Meter Fourbay

Different View of two meter fourbay

Dixie Radio Pirates Six Meter H Doublebay Antenna Building Party, Summer of 2006

We had about 25 hams showup to build Six Meter H Doublebay antennas and also Ben Lowe's Two Meter Lowes Loops.

  Six Meter H Doublebay on the analyzer.

 Assemblying the six meter H Doublebay

 Testing the six meter H Doublebay

 W4WJF 2005,2006, 2007 CQ WorldWide VHF Contest, USA winner of 2M SOSB

 The antenna is an experimental H Quadbay design, the antenna is fed in the middle. Sorry the photo doesnt show the whole antenna. The antenna worked very well, my son, Josh W4WJF is a 3 time winner of the Single Operator, Single Band, SOSB, Two Meter in USA.

The Dixie Radio Pirates, recently had a antenna building party where we built 12 10 Meter H Doublebays.

   Cutting the spreaders for ten meter H Doublebay

 Soldering the SO-239's on ten meter H Doublebays

Testing the ten meter H Doublebays (see below plot)

 Computer plot of ten meter H Doublebays displays how broad banded they are

Ron Bailey AA4S "Dr Doublebay"


Ron AA4S "conducting" the H Doublebay Quartet. 


Ron AA4S describing the H Doublebay concept on the antenna testing range

Southeastern VHF Conference Antenna Range Photos

432 H Fourbay Antenna bungied to mast pole

 432 Eight Bay Antenna bungied to mast pole, First Place in 432 Antenna Gain Competition 6.22 db gain @ 432.1


First Place Certificate for above 432 antenna 

Screen for 432 eightbay gain, showing resonate frequency of 353.634 


222 H Doublebay Antenna finished in First Place Antenna Gain Competition with 4.37db

 First Place Certificate for above 222 antenna 

Ron AA4S with the Eightbay antenna getting ready for testing.