2007 Southeastern VHF Conference Photos

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 John KE4ENI's Conference Photos

Dexter W4DEX's Conference Photos

 The 2007 South East VHF Conference was in Atlanta, GA, April 28th & 29th, a great time was had by all.. 

Here are a few photos taken at the Antenna Testing Range. Thanks to John KE4ENI & Dexter W4DEX for their photos

Fletcher & Ron AA4S


Ben K4QF showing off 220 stacked loops to Bill WF4R 

Bill W4GRW & Ron AA4S waiting for testing ( KE4ENI Photo )

Fletcher & Ron AA4S ( KE4ENI Photo )

Antenna Testing Range ( KE4ENI Photo )

 Antenna Testing Range ( KE4ENI Photo )

 Antenna Testing Range raising 432 eightbay ( KE4ENI Photo )

Ron AA4S and Fletcher ( KE4ENI Photo )

Bill W4GRW & Ron AA4S before antenna testing ( KE4ENI Photo )


 222 & 432 H Doublebays ( KE4ENI Photo )

 222 H Doublebay ( KE4ENI Photo )

 432 Fourbay ( KE4ENI Photo )

 222 Lowes Loops ( KE4ENI Photo )

Photos of presentations and Ron AA4S & Bill W4GRW presentation of H Doublebays

 Ron AA4S Showing off 432 Doublebay

Audience ( W4DEX photo)

 Audience ( W4DEX photo)

Audience ( W4DEX photo)

 Paul M0EYT from the UK ( W4DEX photo)

Ron AA4S showing off 222 H Doublebay

Ron AA4S showing off 432 H 8bay 

Ron AA4S with 432 8bay 

 Thomas N4HN & Ron AA4S ( W4DEX photo)

Southeastern VHF Conference Banquet Dinner

Charles K4CSO, won Bird Watt Meter, Mike N4OFA/r and Janis KG4ENF

Tom K4FJW & Ron AA4S 

Tom N4HN won $150 DEMI gift certificate & Dexter W4DEX


Hospitality Suite ( W4DEX photo)

Brian NX9O & his cute "harmonics" 

K5QE's 8 Band "White Rover" 6M thru 3456Mhz

Marshall K5QE's 8 band "White Rover" ( W4DEX photo)

Bulkhead where feedlines enter truck ( W4DEX photo)

Inside of truck where feedlines are distributed to transverters ( W4DEX photo)

Electronics, eight Transverters, amplifiers  ( W4DEX photo)

Army AE5P & Marshall K5QE  ( W4DEX photo)