Congratulations to our 2017-2018 State Executive Council!

President: Brooklyn Thomas "My goal this year is to
First Vice President: Savannah Barnhart; "It is time to get more personal with one another and our members!"
Vice President of Parliamentary Law: Alaina Thompson "I plan on completing and passing the Parliamentarian Exam."
Vice President of State and Star Events: Destiny McWhorter " I hope to encourage people to compete in more STAR Events."
Vice President of National Programs: Larkin Hite "I will work diligently to complete my tasks and help others understand more about WV FCCLA"
Vice President of Public Relations: William Mitchell " I plan on working hard and helping anyone who needs it!"
Vice President of Community Service: Megan Vandruff
National Representative: Laila Spitzer "I hope to make WV FCCLA more known"