Starting a Chapter

West Virginia Family, Career and Community Leaders of America has developed FCCLA Quick Start to serve as a guideline for Family and Consumer Sciences teachers to use in integrating FCCLA into the FACS curriculum. These guidelines have been structured in a monthly calendar format in order for new FCCLA advisers to complete the steps in affiliating and organizing an FCCLA chapter. The information will also assist advisers and members in planning a simple and defined program of work and chapter activities.


FCCLA offers interdisciplinary programs that address a variety of learning styles from individual projects to team projects and cooperative learning activities. The key to success in starting a new chapter lies with integrating FCCLA into the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum and classroom. All FCCLA programs and activities meet the West Virginia FACS Content Standards and Objectives. FCCLA programs, manuals, and materials include how to meet West Virginia FACS Content Standards and Objectives through FCCLA activities. 


              Why FCCLA?                     Integrating FCCLA into FACS


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Chapter Structure, Procedures and Ceremonies

FACS/FCCLA Evaluation, Assessment, Recognition and Curriculum Materials