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2015 Yes I Can Winners
2015 Yes I Can Winners

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2012 Yes I Can Winner
Hank McGraw (Extracurricular)
Hank McGraw is Sgt. 1st Class at Fayette Institute of Technology.  He has been in JROTC all 4 years of High School and is proud to wear his uniform.  He loves art and baseball and bowling and has won many trophies.  He also participates in WV Special Olympics.  Hank obtained his Eagle Scout in 2011 completing 52 merit badges (he only needed 21).  He has committed over 100 hours of community service to roads, trail, and river clean-up.  He is an avid skier and loves to beat his dad at ping pong.
2012 Yes I Can Winner 
Samantha Radcliffe (Athletics)
Samantha Radcliffe is a student at John Adams Middle School.  She has always enjoyed running even when she was a very young child.  She is a three year veteran of the WV Specialk Olympics and has won gold medals in the 400 meter and 5K races.  She ran the "Run with a Cop" race to raise money for charity and placed third in her age group.  Samantha is also involved in track at her school and has served as manager of the team.  She is always concerned for her fellow students and teamates.  Despite challenges, Samantha never lets them slow her down.
 2012 Yes I Can Winner
Ashlee Day Priddy (Academics)
Ashlee is a student at Buffalo Elementary in Putnam County.  Her teacher says that over the past few years she has seen Ashley improve in all academic areas.  She has shown tremendous growth in reading and math.  Outside of school, Ashlee is involved in 4H and won 1st place for her lamb at the Putnam County Fair.  At school and in the community, Ashlee shows leadership skills and is ver tender hearted-----always willing to care for fellow students.

2012 Yes I Can Winner
Nicole Beverly (Community Service)
Nicole is a student at Capital High School where her teacher describes her as being "an outstanding citizen and leader".  She has completed over 130 hours of community service.  Some of that work includes: revitalizing fields, collecting canned food for Scouting for Food, raising over $1600 for the American Lung Association, and building a french drain on the side of a road to prevent erosion.  Nicole's teacher states that Nicole participates in 100% of their social service projects with 110% effort.
2012 Yes I Can Winner
William Johnston (Arts)
William is a student at University High.  William's band teacher, Mark S. Palmer, contributed the following remarks about the nominee:
"William has had a tremendous impact on me personally.  I( am certain he has also had a tremendous impact on his peers.  William has a love of life that is so uncommomn that it defies description.  He is intelligent, witty, and eternally optimistic.  He can play trumpet on a level that most high school musicians only hope to achieve.  Two anecdotes that show William at his finest:
During standardized testing at UHS during his Freshmen year, a girl was complaining about how long she had to sit during the testing process.  William's response?  'Tell me how that feels.....'.
More recently, as I was discussing issues I had with judging rubrics used in the marching band competition circuit, William raised his hand and wryly stated, 'Mr. Palmer, life's not fair'.  He is right, It's not fair that William has so much more going for him than the rerst of us.  

Barry Eaton
2011 Yes I Can! Award Winner for Arts

Diamond Works
2011 Yes I Can! Award Winner for Academics
Matthew E. Quarantillo
2010 Yes I Can! Award Winner for Academics
Matthew is a student at Warm Springs Middle School who was nominated by his teacher because of his success in general education. Matthew overcame initial difficulties in learning how to read and now he loves to read to a group and often help others pronounce words. Matthew enjoys interacting with his peers in his general education classes. They have helped him be successful by easing his transitions and working on communcating with him. Meeting Matthew at the WV CEC luncheon was a delight. He has a warm, infectious smile and was thrilled to receive his award!
2009 Yes I Can Award Winners Shine!
Cassidy Davison 2009 Yes I Can! Award Winner for Advocacy
Cassidy was nominated for the Yes I Can! Advocacy award because she is comfortable educating her fellow classmates, teachers and community about her disability. Here’s what Mike Rozalski, teacher at Warm Springs Middle School, had to say about Cassidy’s self-advocacy: “Cassidy has advocated for herself in her school and community. She has given presentations to her classmates and teachers explaining her visual impairment and its related problems, and demonstrating her various low vision devices and how she uses them. She was interviewed by our local newspaper, "The Morgan Messenger," for a series of articles about members of our community who are disabled that led up to the first annual Morgan County Disabilities Awareness Day. She also participated in this event by demonstrating Braille reading and writing and chatting with interested visitors.”


In Cassidy’s own words, here is how being a self-advocate has affected her life.

I am proud about speaking to my classmates about my vision. I wanted them to know that I never mean to seem unfriendly, but that I have a hard time identifying people in crowds. I think they better understand my vision problems now.  Taking part in the Disabilities Awareness Day helped me to learn that there are many disabled people living in Berkeley Springs. We all have problems, but we all have our good times, too. It is nice to know, though, that I am not the only one who gets discouraged sometimes. I enjoyed meeting these people.”



Rachael Reneau 2009 Yes I Can! Award Winner for Arts


Rachel’s art teacher, Pam Miller, nominated her because of her accomplishments in the arts. “Rachael's artworks have been displayed throughout the creative arts wing and common areas of our school. In 2008 and 2009, Rachael competed in the Federal Jr. Duck Stamp Contest. In 2008, she won one of three first place ribbons in her division, grades 4-6, in the WV Jr Duck Stamp Conservation. In 2009, Rachael again won one of three first place ribbons inher division, grades 7-9, in the WV Jr. Duck Stamp Conservation Contest, proving her talent among older students throughout the state of WV. “

Rachael reported that being part of the art Club helped her feel less lonely in school. Drawing is something that she has loved to do ever since she was a little girl. She credits her three art teachers for helping her to be so successful.