Virgins guide

Because this guide was stolen to the "Shanghai Hash house Harriers" Virgins Guide,
and because i have no time to modify it,
please, in the following text, replace "Shanghai" by "Wuxi"
The Hash House Harriers are exactly what you and the folks you are running with want it to be.

There are NO RULES.
Just because one Hash does things one way that is no guarantee that any other Hash will do it that way. This guide is therefore presented according to the fetishes and whims that are expounded by the Shanghai Chapter of the Hash House Harriers. If you are punished for your sins by any other Hash Organization for following these instructions... then that's is your problem. Following these instructions are half the fun of being a member of the Hash House Harriers.

Before You Go...

Hashing is an outdoor activity so it is important that you be dressed for the event. If you have never been hashing before than you need at least the following articles of clothing:

  • Running Shoes - (New if at all possible) but only if you want to drink out of them... yes drink)
  • T-shirt
  • Shorts A change of clothing - as this is a social gathering and may incorporate some non-runners later on who may puzzle at the aroma of a Hasher. Normally by that time you'll be too drunk to care but...

Summers in Shanghai are very hot and humid. You need to dress appropriately as temperatures may be in excess of 40C(90F). You should also consider bringing some warm or at least dry clothing because gatherings after the runs normally are in air conditioning buildings.

Getting to the Hash...

Make sure that you KNOW where you are going!! Read this for the next run location. If you have questions e-mail/call any of the Disorganizing Committee Members before the day of the run.

The Shanghai Hash will start at the time defined by Hare(s). Leave early enough so that you can get there in time.

When you arrive at the Hash Site, the hashers are fairly easy to find. Just look for a group of hungover white faces, clad in Hash running shorts and T's. If you are having difficulty locating the group, continuously shout On-On until a someone walks up to you and hands you a beer.

At this point people will ask you questions like: "Who the hell are you?" and maybe "Are you a virgin?" Needless to say they are not interested in your sexual experience, at least not at this point, but in fact are asking if you have been Hashing before. They will introduce themselves with a variety of weird names, these names are Hash names earned after some spectacular exploit which merited them being given that name. Not to worry, you will never remember all their names especially after a couple of beers.

This is the point at which you should ask who is 'Hash Cash' and pay your monies for the fun about to be experienced.

Someone will then shout "Hash Circle!"...

After the shout, everyone forms a circle around the Hash Master and Religious Advisor(RA), who will summons the Hares to the front of the group. The hares are the individuals who have laid the trail you are about to follow. Memorize their faces, as these are the people who know where the trail leads so when in doubt look for them. With the hares introduced, they will tell you about the trail, and any other "special" trail markings and signs.

In Shanghai, the trails will be laid using any combination of chalk, shredded paper, and flour, depending on where the run takes places. In most cases the trails will consists of arrows and other markings in chalk. These signs mean that you are on the trail and that you should keep running/walking to the next mark, shouting "On-On" as you pass the mark.

Each of the following signs are used on the run. When the trail is not clear the following signs gives instructions as to how to proceed.

There are 2 separate but equal hashes occurring simultaneously. The Hash Run and the Hash walk. Sometimes these are differentiated by different colors of chalk or by adding a "R" or "W" to the 'On-on' mark to signify which it is. Frequently the Hash Walk and the Hash Run overlap each other and in those cases a simple 'On-on' (non-differentiated) works for both.

This sign is for the runner's designated with the "R" in the bottom right-hand corner of the "H" with the arrow. The Arrowpoints to the direction of the trail.When you see this sign shout "ON-ON!"

This sign is for the walker's designated with the "W" in the bottom right-hand corner of the "H" with the arrow. The Arrow points to the direction of the trail. When you see this sign shout "ON-ON"

This is what is call a "Check", when the runners/ walkers, come upon this sign they must check the trail in the direction of the arrows looking for an 'On-on' mark which indicates the correct direction of the run.

This is what is called a "Back Check". When you are on a "Check" (pictured above) and come across one of these symbols it means that the trail is a "Dead End". You must go back to the "Check" and follow another "Arrow" until you come across a "H" and a "Arrow" which indicates the direction of the run.

Eventually, you will see the words "On-In"/"On-beer"/"On-home"/whatever in the medium the hares choose to use on the tail. This means the end of the tail in near, but most importantly, the beer is at hand. When you arrive at the finish please lend a hand in getting the beer and water organized. No one gets paid for this and a little assistance is always appreciated. Large blokes can always be counted on to be counted on to help tote.


The Circle...

During this short interval the runners catch their breath and take a few minutes to put on any new items of clothing and wait for any laggards. After this brief rest (rehydration) period the Hash Master and Religious Advisor will issue a call to assemble the "Hash Circle".

There are many crimes which are punished by the Hash Master or Religious Advisor after the run. During this session of the "Circle" the Hash Master and Religious Advisor proceed to punish all transgressors of the run and welcome the new folks (Hash virgins). The Hash Master and Religious Advisor can invent new transgressions when ever they like, but few of the common ones are:

  • Shopping on the Hash
  • Smoking on the Hash
  • Mobile Phone usage
  • Short Cutting the Trai
  • Being Late for the Start of the Run
  • Getting Lost 
    Wuxi Hash House Harriers adding, because already punish: 
  • Vehicule usage
  • GPS usage

There are many others, but I'm not going to spoil all the fun by telling them to you. Not to worry, as a first timer you'll get one just for attending!

The On-On..

Normally after the "circle', "On food!" is called for a meal at a restaurant. During the dining and drinking, the Hash Master and Religious Advisor lead the congregation in punishing more sinners, sharing jokes, and songs amidst general misbehaving.

The Hash Hymn...

After all the dinner festivities have concluded, the Hash Master commands all the brethren to stand, and the gathering concludes with singing the Hash Hymn "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" - the accompanying hand actions are easily learnt.

This "Virgin's Guide to Hashing" was stolen for the Shanghai's Hash House Harriers which was stolen for the Amsterdam's Hash House Harriers and modified as to how we do things here in Shanghai by Left Over Spider Legs. Further modified/simplified by Buzz Lightyear.