Hash Rules

The Run

For the Live Hare Run, the hares are given a head start of twelve (12) minutes prior to the pack starting.

The Hash will walk three (3) minutes and start running at fifteen (15) minutes.

On the non Live Hare Run, the run will commence promptly at the designated time without delay usually with a committee member calling out "On On". When conducting the hash the pack can work together to make the run an easy fun run for all involved.

Each person in the pack may carry chalk to mark the trail (see " Pack Arrow").

When a mark made by the hare(s) is spotted (distance between marks should be no more than 50-100 meters) the individual can either say "on-on" or give two short blasts on their whistles. This alerts the pack that there is a trail.

When a "check or decision point" (or intersection ) is discovered the runner(s) mark their direction from the "check/decision point."

If there is a "BT" (Back Check/Track, or Bad Trail) spotted the individual will give one long blast on his whistle and wave his or her hands in an X pattern over his or her head in and shout "BT" or "Bad Trail" or "Back Check" alerting the pack to return to the last check/decision point and mark the BT/Back Check.

This procedure is followed until a true trail is found.

Hashmen should mark a "?" at a decision point if they searched a direction but gave up on it without proof of it being a good or bad/back trail.

Beware of marks; they can be on the road, sidewalk, telephone poles, curbs, trees, signs, building, fences, under vehicles, walls and other structures.

On occasion a hare may draw a map or write a message to indicate the trail (normally to change directions or cross open areas or roads). For example, "Go to the third building and go left."

Remember that members of the pack can mark the trail with an arrow for the slower runners if there is doubt of the trail direction.

No one except the hares can mark true trail arrows.

Short-cutting is leaving the trail and trying to find the trail by a shorter distance -- taking a short cut. Such individuals are called SCBs - Short Cutting Bastards.

These individuals usually get lost or return to the start because they were outsmarted by the hares.

However, if a hare is spotted still marking trail he or she may be tagged and the spot marked by a sign indicating

caught the hare: Time: _____ by: ____.
The hare will be totally embarrassed, degraded, verbally abused and lose his or her hare license.

However, the hare must be released and given a five minute head start to finish the trail.

When the finish is found by the pack they can expect to see the proud hares waiting and with refreshments for the ceremony.

Use of Whistles and Horns and Noisemakers

Every Harrier, after his or her first run, is required to have a whistle at all hashes (except hares). Also everyone is encouraged to use their whistle.

  • Hashmen will give two short blasts on their whistle as they spot a mark on the trail.
  • Hashmen will give two long blasts on their whistle when they see a "decision point/check." Additionally, the word "decision point" or "check" is shouted after the whistle blast.
  • Hashmen will give one long blast when they find a back check/track.
  • While the continuation of the trail is being searched for, Hashmen should shout out "Checking" to inform all that they are still scanning.
  • Hashmen are required to blast their whistle when a whistle check is conducted after the "Down-Down Ceremony or the Circle."
  • Hashmen will use their whistles to assist fellow Hashmen.

Down-Down Ceremony or the Circle

After the last runner has come in, not to include those who are Dead on Trail (D.O.T.), one of the hares (or in the case of shyness, a Hash Grand Master) will signal the beginning of the Down-Down Ceremony or the Circle.

A down-down is the chug-a-lugging of a twelve ounce beer, soda, or water from the Hash Mug.

Once the signal is given to begin, the Hasher may drink until the mug leaves the lips or the beer, soda or water is depleted.

Either way, the mug immediately goes over the head to demonstrate to the Pack which is the case.

Down-Down's are normally given in the following order for the following reasons:

  • First run.
  • Sixth run (for the Hash name)
  • Repeating digit run (11, 22, 33,etc.)
  • Last run.
  • Hares who get caught
  • No whistle (for second run or thereafter)
  • New shoes, colour-coordinated clothes
  • Any run divisible by 10.
  • Any assorted hash violations at the whim of the pack or the Hash Whip.