Publication & Talks

Kirthy Iyer and Xiaomao Wu. OpenCam and open source projects at Crytek. FMX 2014Stuttgart, Germany.

Xiaomao Wu. What you see is what you capture – Real-time data capture in Cinebox. Industrial Presentation of Eurographics 2014. Strassbourg, France

Xiaomao Wu. How far can we push the rendering quality of MMORPG. SSE 2013, Zhuhai, China.

Christopher Evans, Xiaomao Wu, Real-Time Stereo 3D - Interacting with the 3rd Dimension. SIGGRAPH Asia 2011. Hongkong.

Xiaomao Wu. The future of game engines: Towards real-time photo-realistic rendering and natural character animation. China Game Developer's Conference 2010. August 2010. [PDF, PPT]

Xiaomao Wu, Maxime Tournier and Lionel Reveret. Natural character posing from a large database.IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 69-77, May/June 2011.

Maxime Tournier, Xiaomao Wu, Nicolas Courty, Elise Arnard and Lionel ReveretMotion compression using Principal Geodesic AnalysisComputer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2009 Best paper award). [Project webpage] [INRIA tech report, 843 KB]

Xiaomao Wu, Lionel Reveret and Maxime Tournier. Interactive character posing from large motion database. ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation Poster Proceedings, 2008. 

Xiaomao Wu, Lizhuang Ma, Zhuoqun Dong, Lionel Reveret. Robust Watermarking Motion Data with DL-STDM. Computers & Graphics, 32(3), pp. 320-329, 2008 [PDF

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WU Xiao-mao, MA Lizhuang and GU Bao-jun. State of the art of the research on human-body modeling and skin deformation in computer animation.  Chinese Journal of Image and Graphics 12(4), pp. 565-573. 2006 [Preprint PDF in chinese]

Xiaomao Wu, Lizhuang Ma,  Ke-Sen Huang, Yan Gao and Zhihua Chen. Template-model based modeling and animation of human bodies with anatomical structure. In Proceedings of The 18th annual conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA'05). pp. 79-84. Hong Kong. October 2005. [PDF] [Demo]

Xiaomao Wu, Lizhuang Ma, Ke-Sen Huang, Yan Gao and Zhihua Chen. Generic-model based human body modeling.  Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, Sanda, Japan). Vol.3711, pp. 203–214, 2005.

Xiaomao Wu, Lizhuang Ma, Zhihua Chen and Yan Gao. A 12-DOF analytic inverse kinematics solver for human motion control.   Journal of Information & Computational Science 1(1), pp.137-141. 2004 [PDF][Tech. Report][Demo MP4] [Citation]

Other co-authored papers:

1. Yan Gao, Lizhuang Ma, Xiaomao Wu, Zhihua Chen. Automatic footplant dedection shoes. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization (CGIV 2005), pp. 87-92, 2005. 

2. Yan Gao, Lizhuang Ma, Xiaomao Wu, Zhihua Chen. From keyframing to motion capture. In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Human Interaction with Machines, Springer-Verlag, 2005.

3. Yan Gao, Lizhuang Ma, Zhihua Chen, Xiaomao Wu. Motion normalization: The preprocess of motion data. ACM VRST 2005, pp. 253-256, 2005.