Race Routes

Transition Area
 Transition opens at 8 am. Bike racks aren't assigned.  

The Swim (400 yards)

The 400 yard swim will be a snake swim through Millstone Pool. Snake swim means that everyone starts at one corner of the pool. A racer swims down the left side of the first lane and back on the opposite side of the lane. Then s/he goes under the lane line and repeats for each lane (as shown). This will total 400 yards. In essence, one swimmer will start every 20 seconds or so. That's why we ne
ed an accurate swim time in order to place you by swimmers with similar ability.

The Bike (11 miles)
This year we are making drastic changes to our bike course. We believe the new course will be safer and will avoid traffic on the Forest Park path. Participants will ride down Forsyth and turn left onto Hoyt Drive, right onto Brookings Drive, and then cross Skinker and head east on Lindell. Then, they will turn right on Cricket Drive to enter Forest park. The riders will complete three laps on Forest Park roads before traveling back up Forsyth to the transition area (same as start location). Volunteers will be spaced around the course to help direct/provide any needed assistance.

The Run (5k or 3.1 miles)

The 5k run will be two loops around the main campus of Washington University. The image to the right shows the route. Mile markers 2 and 3 are on the second loop.