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Lauren Banka


Lauren Banka grew up with her mother telling her to always say exactly what she thinks, and it took her years to learn tact. She is interested in interrogating power structures, narratives of pain and violence, and the body. She is a Virgo ENFJ born in the year of the Horse. Lately the line between her visual arts work and her poetry has become more and more blurred.

* Performance Crew Member 2008-Present
* Performance Crew Exec Board
* 2009 Grand Slam Poet
* 2010 Grand Slam Poet
* 2011 Grand Slam Poet
* 2012 Grand Slam Poet
* 2011 National Poetry Slam Team
* 2010 National Slam Team
* 2012 National Slam Team


  2009 Grand Slam
 2009 September Slam
2009 October Slam
 2010 Grand Slam