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Kim Frisch

Performance Crew Member

Kim Frisch is a senior majoring in illustration. She grew up in Columbia, MO (a college town) and Honolulu, HI (most diverse city on earth). She has been a member of WU-SLam Performance Crew since its founding in 2008, and she has written a lot of weird things in the interim. She recently took a year off from school to work on an organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii, where she grew lettuce, met wise people with unusual beliefs, and hitchhiked a lot. This summer she learned that her aunt refers to her as "my hippie niece." She doesn't think she's a hippie but she has a special soft spot for farmers and 2012 conspiracy theorists. Her superpowers are playing guitar and singing, drawing, eyebrows, and fighting low self-esteem. Her poems often include themes of home and interior spaces, mental health, queerness, and the people she's met on her travels. She believes that slam poetry will save the world by connecting stories of struggle with people in power, and by empowering smart, caring young people. Once she graduates, she hopes to start a small publishing press and to someday open a teen center.

* Performance Crew Member 2008-Present
*Performance Crew VP Publicity: 2009-2010
*Performance Crew VP Outreach: 2010-2011


2009 November Slam
 VSA's Bao Phi Show
 2011 December Slam
 2011 National Poetry Slam