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Chris Kammerer

Chris Kammerer is one of the co-founders of WU-SLam. Born and raised in Chicago, a lover of all arts, he has a burning-bush passion for life in all of its details--lonesome, vulgar, ecstatic, beautiful, sad, terrifying, lovely.

* WU-SLam Founding Member
* 2009 Grand Slam Poet
* 2009 National Slam Team
* 2010 Grand Slam Qualifier


In 2007, Chris published a chapbook titled There Are Places I Remember.

There Are Places I Remember is a journey through and inside a relationship—from the sparking moment of almost-kissing, climbing to the mountaintops of love’s ecstasies, crawling through the darkness and insecurities that invariably hang on us when we hang on so tightly, and finally stumbling through the healing process, exploring what it means to move on, not just from love, but from anything in life that we hold so dear. As Paulo Coelho says, “Love is a trap. We see only its light, not its shadows.” Here there are enough shadows to scare even the bravest Romeos, but also enough light to welcome one and all to the great celebration that is Love.

Copies are for sale for $5 each.  If you're interested, contact Chris or any Performance Crew member or find the merchandise table at any WU-SLam event.  For more information, including poetry excerpts, see Chapbooks & Merchandise.