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Aaron Samuels

Aaron loves writing poetry and he loves dancing. He takes pride in his heritage and he tries his best to respect people of all kinds. He loves his parents and his younger brother very much. He hopes to one day significantly change the world for the better. If you do as well then contact him and you will get started.

Aaron hosted the 2012 Grand Slam as a returning alumni and independent poet.
He also recently landed a book-deal with Write Bloody Publishing.

* WU-SLam Founding Member
* Performance Crew Exec Board
* 2009 Grand Slam Poet
* 2009 National Slam Team
* 2010 Grand Slam Poet
* 2010 National Slam Team
* 2011 Grand Slam Poet
* 2011 National Slam Team
* 2011 National Poetry Slam Team
* 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam Representative


2009 Grand Slam
 CUPSI 2009
 2009 October Slam
 2010 Grand Slam
 VSA's Bao Phi Show