Performance Crew

Performance Crew is a tight-knit group that meets weekly to plan ways to pump increasingly powerful doses of poetry through the Wash U and St. Louis communities.  Performance Crew is responsible for organizing and hosting monthly slams, executing the weekly Inklings meetings, bringing in guest poets, and traveling to perform their poetry at a plethora of venues on- and off-campus.  

In addition to an executive body, Performance Crew is a place for poets to absorb one another's skill and enthusiasm and hone their writing and performance to a hair-splitting point.

For a list of Performance Crew's various gallant deeds and stellar accomplishments, see our resume.

Performance Crew Poet Profiles
Select a poet!  Profiles feature poet biographies, photos, and video.
Executive Body  
President: Jesse Huang
Vice President: (vacant)
Administration: (vacant)
Finance: Kate Hao
Human Resources: Savannah Bustillo
Outreach: Kristen Sze-Tu
Publicity: Sophie Weitz 
Webmaster: Alicia Chatten
Special Programming: Hannah Beilenson and Scott Greenberg

Seohyun Kim
Andie Berry
Mimi Borders
Jessie Forman 
Jeremy Moses
Corban Swain
Heather Berlin
Elizabeth Levinson
Jae Williams

Performance Crew takes on a few new poets every year.  You can find information on how to join here.