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Schoology Master Teachers

Do you have a quick Schoology question?  Need to see how a teacher in WUSD is using Schoology?  Check in with any of these Schoology Master Teachers!

  • Peter Folks, Bridgeway Island, 3rd Grade
  • Erin Cormier, Southport, 5th Grade
  • Yolanda Saca, Elkhorn, 2nd Grade
  • Vanessa Raeder, Westfield, 1st Grade
  • Anika Shukuya, Westmore Oaks, 4th Grade

District Staff:
  • Lynette Campbell, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning
  • Melissa Oliver, Teacher on Special Assignment
  • Martina Guerra, Teacher on Special Assignment
  • Alyssa Tarr, Teacher on Special Assignment
  • Kim Harrison, Coordinator of Instructional Technology