Illuminate is the K-12 data management system being used by WUSD.  Our Illuminate system is linked to our Aeries student information system. If you are logging into Illuminate prior to the first day of school, you may not see any students for the new school year.  This is because we do not pre-enroll our students before the start of the school year.  Because Illuminate populates the student data based upon Aeries, our students may not be found in Illuminate until after the start of school.

The naming convention for logging into Illuminate is your first initial and last name, not your WUSD email address.  If you cannot remember your password and need it reset, please submit a Help Desk ticket.  

If you have a general question regarding Illuminate, please contact Melissa Oliver at

General Illuminate Help Guides

Introduction (Website)
Quick Guides website - Access a PDF file for each quick guide by clicking on the link on the far right of the screen.
Assessments - Access to videos and links on how to find an assessment, create an assessment (manual, on the fly, and itembank), reporting, and more.

WUSD Illuminate Help Guides

Printing Pre-Slugged Answer Documents

Entering K/1 Math Placement Exam Scores

Entering Writing Scores into Illuminate