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Site Setup/Philosophy

The site is going to be setup around pages for individual topics (either a type of technology, or approach).  Each page will include the following for that topic:
  • Introduction framed by "If you already do ____, then try (this page's content)"
    • Goal is to reduce barrier to trying things by presenting the information as an alternative (likely more efficient) than what already doing
      • Alternatively allows people who are already interested in tech to find more efficient ways
  • Description of the topic framed around the following three points (UDL)
    • What - New info and how it is being presented to students
    • Why - Engagement or why students should care about the new material
    • How - Application of the information or what students are going to do with it
    • Address whatever parts pertain specifically to that topic (for example, use of video and images will strongly correlate to the "what" whereas designing a website might correspond more strongly with the "how")
  • Costs and Benefits of the approach
    • Designed to give teachers and overview of what they would need to do to effectively implement as well as what they might reap from that
    • Make sure to center around "All ____ must improve learning"
  • Specific example of implementation in the classroom
    • These should go through how to actually implement in a specific grade level (or range) and subject (for example, "Lower Elementary Social Science" or "High School Science and Math")
      • This will later serve as a backbone for a search method
    • Examples should be varied (both by grade level and subject) across all topics
      • Goal is to give an idea of the range of possibilities, NOT to have people pull straight and put into lesson plans
    • May eventually expand this to subpages with specific examples for all grade levels/subjects (but for now focusing on just one)
  • BRIEF links to relevant resources
Topics/Misc. Notes to Include:

Initial Website Brainstorm

Pages will be linked and sorted in the following rough outline
(Image of pic)

Pedagogy Pages are yet to be formatted

Need to make page template for individual topics