Home-School Communication

The two way home-school communication is critical in the success of our WUSD students.  There are a number of channels for teachers and administrators to engage parents and families in communicating information about the school community.  Using these channels will provide parents with immediate access to current and up-to-date information as long as teachers and administrators are able to provide this updated information.

The following are the approved WUSD 2014-2017 Technology Plan goal and objectives regarding Home-School Communication:

Goal 3j.1: The district, schools, and teachers will use technology to support communication, collaboration, and effective sharing of information and resources.
  • Objective 3j.1.1: By June 2017, 100% of teachers will maintain individual websites that are updated weekly and linked directly to their school's homepage.
  • Objective 3j.1.2: By June 2017, 100% of teacher will post updated grades to Homelink, the Aeries.net Parent and Student portal.
  • Objective 3j.1.4: By June 2017, 100% of information regarding upcoming events and news will utilize Parentlink to communicate this information to parents and the community.