Google Apps for Teacher Productivity

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Q & A from this workshop:

  • Do you actually have to download Google Drive to your computer?
    • At this point, you do not want to download Google Drive to your computer.  Downloading Drive syncs what you have online to your local machine.  Until we have converted to the Google Apps for Education environment, you do not want to download Drive.  Once we are in the GAFE environment, then downloading Drive would be appropriate. You can only have one Google Drive synced to each computer.  If you sync your non-GAFE drive (what you are using now) to your current machine, you will not be able to sync your new GAFE account.
  • Will Innovative Educators have administrative rights to install apps for Google Drive? Will teachers be able to manage the apps that students have on Drive?
    • At this time, the plan is to allow teachers to "push" apps out for their individual classrooms/rosters.  Teachers will be able to decide which apps their students needs and will be able to manage those apps.  This would only include free apps.  Paid for apps will be administered through the district office and we are setting up a process for teachers to provide feedback on what paid apps they would like to be able to use.
  • Will all students have Gmail accounts or do teachers have to create them?
    • All students will have gmail accounts through the Google Apps for Education (GAFE) environment. There is still discussion as to what the naming convention for those accounts will be (ex.:  Teachers will not have to create the student email addresses as they will be automatically generated within the system.  Also, we are planning on purchasing Hapara, a dashboard that integrates with Aeries and allows for student groups to be created based upon rosters.  
  • Can I get more information on how to use Google Slides - for example, some tutorials?
    • Look for additional tutorials on how to use Google Slides - coming soon!  You would also be able to use these with your students.
  • What am I going to do first in my classroom?  It's so overwhelming ...
    • There is a lot included in Google Drive and the secondary apps that come with Google Apps for Education (GAFE).  Remember to start small by Substituting activities, lessons, and/or classroom procedures with the Google tools.  Take a look at this SAMR article for ideas on how to use tools to automate your workflow.

Google Apps for Teacher Productivity

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