Common Sense Media defines a digital citizen as someone who knows how to harness the power of technology, safely, respectfully, and responsibly.

Common Sense Education offers free comprehensive digital citizenship curriculum for grades K-12.  They have divided their lessons into 8 categories.

  1. Internet Safety
  2. Privacy & Security
  3. Relationship & Communication
  4. Cyberbullying
  5. Digital Footprint & Reputation
  6. Self-image & Identify
  7. Information Literacy
  8. Creative Credit & Copyright.
For the 2015-2016 school year we are focusing on the meeting the Internet Safety Education Requirements outlined in the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  There are a wealth of standards and research-based lessons available beyond these requirements.  All lessons can be low-tech with pen or paper or there is an option for more a more teched-up version.  Lesson materials are also available in Spanish for our bilingual classrooms.

Watch the following video (4:18) to learn more about how Common Sense Media Curricula will help prepare our students to thrive in 21st century learning environments.

As a district, we are choosing Option 1 to ensure all of our students are exposed to digital citizenship and digital literacy lessons every year. See below the required Digital Citizenship Lesson for your Grade level.

TK/K-2 Digital Citizenship Lessons

Required Lessons:
Grade TK/K: Going Places Safely
Grade 1:  Sending Email

Grades 3-5 Digital Citizenship Lessons

Required Lessons:        

Grades 6-8 Digital Citizenship Lessons 

Required Lessons (2 per grade level):

Grade 6: Safe Online TalkScams and Schemes

Grade 7: Cyberbullying: Crossing the LineTrillion Dollar Footprint

Grade 8: Which Me Should I Be?  Cyberbullying: Be Upstanding

Grades 9-12 Digital Citizenship

Required Lessons:

Grade 9: Private Today, Public Tomorrow

Grade 10: Risky Online Relationships

Grade 11: College Bound

Grade 12: Taking Perspectives on Cyberbullying

Once you complete the lesson, complete the following verification form and submit to Melissa Oliver via district mail or email a scanned copy.

Common Sense Media offers a full-suite of standards-aligned, research-based digital citizenship lessons beyond those listed above.  We encourage you to fisit the Common Sense Media Website and review the entire scope of Digital Citizenship Lessons for your grade band.  Even though our focus during the 15-16 school year, is on meeting the Internet Safety Requirements required by Chidren's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) be teaching the lessons outlined above, you are encouraged to explore and teach additional lessons within the Scope and Sequence as it fits within your classroom instruction.