Digital Citizenship

Use this Padlet to record your "Digital Citizenship Ah-ha's": 

Classroom Resources:
  • THINK Poster (PDF) - Before you Post Poster
  • Digital Citizenship Brochure (PDF) - Heidi Weber, Gifted Intervention Specialist, Loveland City Schools, OH, created this for her 3rd/4th grade gifted students.  A great overview of the nine elements of Digital Citizenship and a resource for parents and students.  How she has used it:  
    • My students actually put the components into notebooks that they use as a classroom resource (comprehension information) and we refer to the terms often as we use tech tools in our classroom.  I incorporated it as part of a "research basics" lesson I did prior to our starting independent study "passion projects".  So, the reception has been great.  My parents have really appreciated this and I think this has helped educate them as well.
Website Resources: