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Content Rich Presentations (Slideshows)

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Possible Purposes of a Presentation:
  • Share insight
  • Tell a story
  • Present information
  • Provide meaning
Overall Thoughts on Presentations:
  • If the presentation can be consumed by just reading the slides, hand out the slides and don't give the presentation (it is a waste of time for you to read through them)
    • Presentations can be more than just a regurgitation of facts and pictures; they can be integral to any educational process
  • Signal vs. noise
    • If there is a bunch of text on the screen and you are trying to talk, your talk will be drowned by the "noise" of the text (people will read that and not listen to you)
    • Giving cues to signal important points is key
  • Watch a lot of presentations
    • Get ideas of what is effective
    • Get ideas of what is ineffective
    • Find out what you feel is "good" and "bad" from the audience
Tips to Help You Avoid "Not so Good" Things
  • Planning is most important
  • "Never deliver a presentation you wouldn't want to sit through" - Nancy Duarte
    • When we are teaching, we also need to model effective presenting
  • Slides are NOT handouts
    • If people want a printout of your slides, there is a strong chance your presentation was boring to sit through (too much text)
    • If you want to prepare handouts, they should be a separate entity from your presentation
  • White space and silence are okay
    • They give people time to comprehend and process
  • Color outside the lines
    • Slides do not need to be perfectly uniform and clean
      • But they should be professional and neat looking
  • Avoid templates
    • Templates are good as a guide, but if a template is used without modification, it will tend to a dense, boring presentation
  • "Rule of Thirds"
    • Divide image into 9 quadrants (like a tic-tac-toe board)
      • Eyes naturally gravitate towards the intersections of your dividers, put important things there
  • Balance
    • Slide design left and right
    • Text to picture ratio
    • Transition
  • "5 Vowels of Image Searching" - Mark Hammon
    • Appropriate
    • Evocative
    • Interesting
    • Original
    • Usage rights
    • (and sometimes) Yours
    • Consider these points when looking for images to use in presentations; they will help in selecting good images