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Non-Printed Text (Audio, Images, and Video)

"If you already _____, then try ________"

Use of Non-Printed Text

Brief description of what non-printed text is for those who are unfamiliar.


"What" in the Universal Design for Learning describes what content students are given and in what forms.  The goal is to present content in a variety of manners


"Why" in the Universal Design for Learning describes why students care (engagement).  The goal is to encourage interest in students.


"How" in the Universal Design for Learning describes how students utilize the information that they are given.  The goal is to give a variety of ways to interact with the material/show what they know.

Costs and Benefits

Summary of costs and benefits (say biggest cost/benefit)


    • Somewhat specific descriptions of costs, more detail than summary


    • Somewhat specific description of benefits, more detail than summary

Sample Use - Brief Description

Grade Level: (K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12)
Content Area: (ELA, Social Studies, Science, etc.)
Content Addressed: Brief topic
Standards Addressed:
  • CCSS, NGSS, other standards
Brief description of how utilized along with relevant resources

Additional Resourses

  • Short list of link (if applicable) to relevant resources for whole topic (not just for sample use)