I will write something about my life here.

My life started in one day about the end of winter in 1973 in Mandalay, second city of Myanmar (Burma). I am a only son of U (Mr.) Khin Maung Win and Daw (Mrs.) Khin Mar Mar.

My father was a military man when my life started and my mother was a teacher at Mandalay Arts and Science University.

My mom went to Osaka, Japan for her master degree when I was just more than 1 year old. Since my father was a military man at that time, I was left to breed and feed with my grandparents from my mother side.

The grandparents from my mother side are U (Mr.) Net and Daw (Mrs.) Thar Yu. My grandfather was a Professor at Mathematics Department of Mandalay Arts and Science University. My grandmother was a housewife. But actually, she was more than a housewife. She was very good at public relations. So, almost all the affairs at the University, she was invited together with my grandpa. I am dedicated to my grandparents.

The grandparents from my father side are U (Mr.) Thaung Shwe and Daw (Mrs.) Sein Sein. They lived in Mandalay too. My grandfather was a Police officer and my grandmother was also a housewife. She was a good housewife but not more than that.

It took three years for my mother to study in Osaka. It is not a joke that when she came back, I really didn't know who she was. People said it took some time for me to be familiar with my mom back again. My mom said my forgotten was a great sorrow for her and she felt that it should be better not to go. Whenever I learnt it back, I am really sorry for my mom for my forgotten.

After my pre-kindergarden life in Mandalay, the whole family moved to Rangoon. It was about 1978. It was not a planned one but a coincident. My father resigned from military service and started his career in civil service in Rangoon and my grandpa retired from his academic life and started a new career as a Board member of Public Service Selection and Training Board (PSSTB) in Rangoon within one year. Since my father moved to Rangoon, my mom had to move to Ragoon and continued her career at Rangoon Arts and Science University.

I started my education at Practiscing School, Institute of Education from 1978. I was attending at the same school till I finished my High School in 1990. I started working at Institute of Education in 1992 as a computer operator. I had some work experience also at Institute of Foreign Languages before starting my University life at Yangon Institute of Technology (YIT) in 1993.

During 1990 to 1992, I spent some time in Mandalay and had been wondering around Mandalay Zaycho Gold Market as an assistant to my grandma (Daw Thar Yu)'s sister, Daw (Ms.) Tin Tin. I learnt something about the gold market in Burma although I hadn't involved in a effective manner.

It was a very enjoyable time in YIT. The most enjoyable longest life I had till now. In later part of 1996, while I was attending at final year Electronics, there was a student demonstration and the University closed for unannounced period. It was not a good one but lucky for me. 

My father was suffering from Hepatitis B from the late 1996. The closed down of the University let me stay and help my father. I also learnt how to step over his Business. He died with the complication of Hepatitis B in 1998 on the very day of my 25th birthday.

I graduated from YIT in 1998 with Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics (B.E (Ec.E)). The graduation ceremony was held in 1999. I already stepped over the family business and so, I hadn't searched for any particular job.

I spent some of my time to learn about Business. So, I joined MBA program in 1999. It was a 5th intake of Myanmar MBA program. I spent 2 years there. I graduated in 2001. It was a very good time for me to compare with the theory and the real life of Business. Most of my time at MBA was spent arguing with the lecturers about the difference between theory and the real life. I become very interested in Macroeconomic during my study at MBA program.

I went to Singapore in late 2001 to attend a training sponsored by Association of Oversea Technical Scholarship (AOTS) of Japan. I spent about two weeks in Singapore. It was a nice time to meet back some of my friends who had been moved to Singapore after our graduation from YIT. 

I joined the University of Foreign Languages in 2002 to study for Diploma in Japanese. It was a part-time study and only need to attend classes in the morning. I am not good at literature and Japanese is very interesting for me. So, I learnt only Japanese language, not Japanese literature. Actually, I have to attend four years to get the Diploma degree. But I left the classes in 2004 after second year.

I visited Japan in late 2002 to attend a training sponsored again by AOTS. I spent about 1 month in Osaka, Japan. I am really indebted to Japanese Government and Japanese people for the sponsorship of both trainings and also for continuation for Master Degree in 2004.

I left Yangon for Japan in September 2004 to continue my Master Degree in Management Information Science. I attended Nagaoka University of Technology from September 2004 till now.

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