Some Education here. 

I am not clearly understand the word "Education" till now. If it means to formal degree, I have attended the following schools, universities and get some degrees.

  • I attended pre-kindergarden school in Mandalay, Burma in 1977.
  • I attended Practiscing School, Institute of Education, Rangoon, Burma from 1978-1990. I finished my High School Education here.
  • I attended Yangon Institute of Technology (YIT), Yangon, Myanmar from 1993-1998. I got my Bachelor Degree (B.E) here.
  • I attended Yangon Institute of Economics, Yangon, Myanmar from 1999-2001. I got my Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) here.
  • I attended University of Foreign Languages (UFL) from 2002-2004 to learn Japanese. I havn't finished my Dip. in Japanese degree yet. I am still "on leave" from UFL.
  • I am attended Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT), Nagaoka, Japan from 2004-2006 for Master of Engineering.

I believe in P-Moehin's writings that "if a person spends his/her time on reading a particular subject for waiting time (like waiting at bus stop) during his adult life (from 20 yrs of age to 60 yrs), that person can learn the subject as a Doctoral degree holder". Due to that believe, I always bring a book on Investment whenever I go.

I am interested in doing research. Some of my results has been published in journals and conferences. My publications can be found at PUBLICATIONS and some tools can be found at PRODUCTS

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