I will write something about my Career here. 

I started my salary job in 1992. The first job titled was "computer operator" at Institute of Education. By that time, computer was very rare. The only computer at the Institute was 386 IBM Compatible. The OS version is Windows 3.1. (Very old, isn't it ?) Since it was the only computer, it was placed at the Rector's office. I had to stay at Rector's office time to time. It was a great pressure since I had to be in the same room with the highest personal of the Institute.

My boss by that time, Rector of Institute of Education, was U (Mr.) Myo Nyunt. My boss moved from Institute of Education to the renewly formed University of Distance Education (UDE). There, at UDE, were formed a separate computer department. During that time, I was asked to go and work at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL). 

At IFL, there was again only one computer and at the Rector's office. This time, my boss, Rector of IFL, was U (Mr.) Soe Win. I worked at IFL till Feb 1993 when I joined to Yangon Institute of Technology (YIT) for my Bachelor degree in Engineering.

I joined my parents business (AWZAR) in late 1996 when YIT was closed for student demonstration. At that time, I was a final year student majoring in Electronics Engineering. Although YIT reopened in 1998, I had to spend some of my time at work in AWZAR.

I worked in AWZAR as Managing Director from 1998 to 2004 when I left for Japan for my Master Degree in Management and Information Science Engineering.

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