Some things about my Business career. 

What is a Business? That is what I am wondering since my younger days untill now. My perception is that it has to be run by its own without necessary to be involved by the owners.

My ancestors, especially my grandparents and my parents, are not from the Business environment. But my father started doing some business after he left his career as civil service in 1991. He was a co-founder of two-three companies before he started AWZAR Co-op Ltd with his friends.

He started an exercise book manufacturing business with some of his friends in 1994. It was named as AWZAR Co-op Ltd. But my parents own more than half of the co-op's shares. My family later stepped over taking control of all 100% of the co-op. My mother was also co-founder. My father ran AWZAR Co-op till the end of his life.

I stepped over as Managing Director of the co-op after my father. I had got a lot of real life experience which cannot be learnt through any kind of classes. Especially there is no book or academic article on running a business in Myanmar. It has a lot of differences with other countries, I think. I served as Managing Director in AWZAR till I left Yangon for my further studies in Japan.

I started running a portfolio management business as a sole proprietorship in late 2005 while I was studying my master degree in Japan. I named the business as AWZAR Portfolio Management.

I committed myself that one day I will bring AWZAR to international company.

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