America's greatest future assets!



Today's "supremely gifted" children (IQs of 160 and above) are one of the major resources upon which America's future relies.  Unfortunately, their teachers generally are of "average" intelligence and do not remotely understand the needs of these unique kids.  Appallingly, and speaking from experience, some even callously stifle these children and challenge their every move because of the teacher's misguided need to feel superior.  

Children like Thomas (IQ 170+) and Lily, above, need the best education possible for their abilities and potential. Fortunately, engaging curriculum has been designed and made available by a few organizations.  Unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive to most parents.

This site was established to introduce these and other child geniuses and provide a method for caring members of the public to donate funds to help these children obtain an education suited to their different abilities and needs.  [Click here to meet the children.]  Billions are spent every year educating the differently-abled; more attention for the ones who could make this wonderful country even better is surely called for.

Links to organizations providing elevated education will also be added as they are identified.  [Click here to view the [Index].]

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