Wulfy's Page

Wulfy (male)

Silvered-Black Berkshire

RIP 01/05/06 - 23/04/08


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This page is dedicated to my most cuddley, adorable, caring, affectionate and lovable rat I've been privilaged to own. 

It was mid June 2006 and my partner and I decided to do some window shopping at a pet shop.  As always I made sure I had a peek at the ratties being that they are so cute and fuzzy.  What did I find?  A beautiful black berkshire fuzzlet.  It was the first black rattie I'd even seen - I was so taken by how gorgeous he was.  I begged and pleaded with my partner & mum to get him.  Half an hour later we were in the car with our new addition, Wulfy. 

For the first few months it was a joy to watch him grown into a handsome young buck.  His fur lightened to silver-black and in February 2007 he attended his first rat show.  He won first place in his colour cagegory and Reserve Rat of the Show. 

During 2007 as he matured his personality became less playful and more affectionate.  He had a 'go-spot' which was practially anywhere on his back that you rubbed and received lots of licks in return. 

He enjoyed sitting on my shoulder and running to the cage door each day I came home from work and said "Where's my Wulfy?" and greeted him with a yoggie. 

The best part of all was the time we spent together.  I particularly loved hearing his stories - that was when he'd sit on my shoulder and brusk and chatter away in my ear.

Mid 2007 he developed bumblefoot (which is an infection that is very hard to treat) on his right hind paw.  Despite all our efforts nothing helped.  Even though it'd looked quite horrible and un-sightly we were assured that it wasnt too painful for him - which to some extend would be right as he never expressed any signs of pain. 

Towards the end of 2007 he had his first surgery.  A cyst had developed on his left shoulder and was removed with no problems.  He was a very good boy and responded well in recovery.  He never scratched at his stitches and within no time at all they had healed nicely and his lush black fur had grown back. 

After a small bout of Myco everything was going well.  He was heading towards his 2nd birthday as a handsome older buck.  Everyone loved him and he lived for his next scritch or treat.  In particular almonds in the shell were his favourite together with Tamago (which is Japanese egg omlete) and yoggies of course. 

In February 2008 he developed a tumor.  He went back to the vets for another operation and came through successfully.  He took a little longer to recover but was back to his happy lickey self soon enough. 

Then the unthinkable!

Sadly he was put to sleep just a week shy of his 2nd birthday.  The nasty tumor which was removed in February had within 3 weeks after surgery, started to grow back.  He braved it out for a while but towards the end he found it difficult to breathe. 

As surgery was no longer an option we took him to the vets for a check up with the very real possibility that he would be put to sleep.   At 11:00am on Wednesday 23rd April 2008 my brave little boy's life was ended. 

Here's to you my beautiful boy, you'll remain in my heart forever.

Picture of Wulfy's scar after his 2nd surgery: