Tao & Bish

Tao (male) - Brother to Bish

Silvered Mink Self / Irish Marked

Approx DOB:  Oct/Nov 07


Bish (male) - Brother to Tao

Mink Self

Approx DOB: Oct/Nov 07


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22/08/08 - Hey, we're the squishy brothers!!  hehe not really, mummy just likes giving us silly names.  At the moment we're Tubby Tao & Squishy Bishy :) We'll let her think she's funny...  We've settled in well and we love our new home.  At the moment we're enterprising in the newspaper ripping industry.  Scritches are our favourite activity, together with exploring, weetbix (I, I mean Bish - throws both hands in the weeties cause I love making a mess).  And me (Tao) had a ltitle problem with my boy part, it wouldnt go back in, but its ok now, its all fixed and I so hated mummy washing me with warm soapy water and then lathering me with olive oil, but I guess it was for my own good *sigh*... Anyway, we need to go get up to more mischief CYA! 

                                                                            ~ Tao & Bish


About us:

A big ratty welcome to our two newest members, Tao & Bishonen (Bish for short). 

They are two brothers who we adopted from BRR on 16th April 2008.  After settling in at their new home they've been running riot. 

I dont think I've ever been scent marked so much in one night.  The first night home I got them out for some free range time and boy did they have a great time. 

So far they've had a few squabbles between themselves.  They're approximately 6 months old so they're about the right age to get a little dominant with each other.  There's been a bit of power grooming and squeeking but nothing too serious.  I noticed Bish doesnt like being the 'groomee' but he enjoys being the 'groomer'.   This morning he made me laugh - i had just put their breakfast in the cage and Bish decided to groom Tao's rump.  He did a quick once-over then started flapping his front paws about while bounding from side to side like he was imaginary grooming a rat 3 times his size.

They are beautiful cuddley ratties, and always demanding attention from myself and my partner.  They love when I leave the cage door open because they come out, and get a scritch or a treat, then run back in and do something rattie like groom, then run back out for another scritch and walk around on the top of the cage, then in they disappear for a few minutes.  And this goes on for all of an hour until they get sleepy or come out for proper free range time. 

A special thanks to Cass - your boys are beautiful ratties, they have been raised very well.  I especially enjoy picking them up to cuddle becuase they are like furry putty, they are super relaxed around humans and easy to handle!  Oh and they are still getting their weetbix for breakfast!!