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Talli (male) 

Cinnamon Self

DOB: Jan 08 

Brothers: RVD and Dexter 








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Um... HI! This is Talli...  I'm a little shy but I'm over coming it. Mummy's helping me conquer my fear.  She knows me too well, I have a secret spot behind my neck, if she rubs it, I go crazy licking her.  I'll come out of the cage to greet her, sometimes something imaginary catches my eye and I run back in, but I just cant resist my mummys love and I come back out :) I give my daddy licks even though he doesnt rub my special spot, cause I want to show him I love him too!  



About me:

Talli is a gorgeous little apricot boy which we brought home with his two brothers RVD and Dexter. 

 He was just as small as RVD when he first came home but he's had a growing spurt and is just that bit bigger and studier.  I get the feeling that he might turn out to be a big squishy buck but thats yet to pass.  

He's quick earning his reputation as the naughty rat.  Ever since we've had him he enjoys nibbling on things.  He was also quite a clumsey little rattie at first, he managed to fall out of his cage about 3 times.  The worst time was when we had alot of boxes and things on the floor and as he was so small we were afraid we'd never find him.  Lucky for us he had managed to squeeze himself in an impossibly small space under a storage container so we didnt have to look too far and we didnt lose him. 

His fur is a gorgeous light minky colour with more orange than grey in it.  He has a little cap of orange fur on the top of his head which should disappear.  He's earnt the nickname of viking baby because of his fair orange fur lol. 

Last week he displayed some signs of dominance towards his cage mates during their play fights but thats disappeared and he's still a sweet little rattie.  I still have my eye on him to see whether he turns out to be the alpha male or not.