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RVD (Rat Van Damn) (male) 

Agouti Berkshire 

DOB: Jan 08

Brothers: Talli and Dexter








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RVD's Album 

22/08/08 - Hiya! RVD here, cant talk long, gotta get going, things to do & places to explore.  My attention span does not extend to cuddles, I'll put up with mummy or daddy picking me up for one, but they know when to put me down cause my feet are going but I ain't getting anywhere!  Mummy calls me a ferret, I ferret around, I ferret through things, always on the go go go... speaking of which, bye!!                                                          

                                                                                                 ~ RVD   


About me:  

RVD is our first agouit rat.  I've been waiting forever to come across one (as there is a lack of breeders in QLD at the moment).  When we took Dexter home we also took RVD and his friend Talli.  

 If you don't already know RVD is the name of a wrestler - Rob Van Dam so we altered it to suit our little ratkid to Rat Van Dam.  He appears to be growing into his name as well as his body.  He is still the runt of the 3 brothers but he's boisterious and always getting into trouble.  

His tummy would have to be the softest of all, the outer colouring is grey and the inner colouring is white.  

He loves a good wrestle with his brothers and he's the closest thing you'll get to a slimy little brown gecko.  The moment the cage door is open and you're looking away he's off on his whirlwind adventures.  Unfortunately for us, his 2 brothers get jealous and decide they want to follow so the next time you glance away you have 3 little escapees.  *sigh* 

He moves with the speed of light and being so small and brown he blends in to the shadows far too well for his own good.  He loves to yawn and stretch when you wake him up, even if he's bounding around playfully he will always stop to greet you with a yawn (why I have no idea).