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Photos courtesy of Rani - Tassie Rat Rescue.  You will find them captioned in my AusLOLratS site :)

 Surfing the interwebs of AusLOLratS

 Surfing the interwebs of Wulfys Kingdom

(She even looks like Wulfy! lol)

12/09/08 - My Aus LOL Rats site is coming along nicely.  A big thank you goes out to everyone who's contributed their cute and funny photos.  

A special thank you to Rani from Ratfinks Rattery / Tassie Rodent Rescue who's our top contributor!!  Great effort 


 22/08/08 - Mantra for my rats today:                                                                        I shall not cast away treats in hope of gaining tastier treats. ~Dexter Ratty

 Also - new photos of my current ratties have been uploaded :)


24/07/2008 - I'm ready to show off my new tattoo, created in memory of Wulfy.  Ronnie @ Wild at Heart Tattoo in Brisbane made this possible


15/06/2008 - Congratulations to RVD for winning Reserve Rat, Best Marked 1st in Berkshire (marking) and 1st in Agouti (colour) at the AusRFS Rat Show.  And of course, thank you to the rest of our boys who won places and were very well behaved today!! 


22/05/2008 - Welcoming our 2 new boys, adopted from BRR - Tao & Bish


23/04/2008 - Goodbye Wulfy and safe journey to the Rainbow Bridge