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To the world you are one person, to a rat you are the world ~Charlie S. 

Celebrate World Rat Day - April 4th  


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This is a fun site to post funny pictures of rats and the things they do.  Please visit and feel free to email me with any funny ratteh pictures you'd like to appear :)

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 Welcome fellow rat lover!

This site dedicated to the beautiful creatures known as rats who have entered my life over the years but will never leave my heart. 

May your tail be long, your eyes stay beady and your whiskers twitch


Rattie News & Updates

 2/11/08 - Not much to update on at the moment.  The last few months I've been busy with a new job and doing lots of odds and ends.  Before we know it Xmas will be here no doubt and my poor boys will hate the heat.  It'll be nice big water dishes, frozen water bottles and lots of cucumber and watermelon to ensure they are comfortable :) 

Trying to get more inspired with my photography and failing miserably hence no new pics except the Roar Gallery which I am working on.   It is up and running, just click on the navigation bar to the left.


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22/08/08 - Please visit any of these sites to view my other non-rattie photography: 

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