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Dexter (male) 

Silvered Dove Berkshire 

DOB: Jan 08 

Brothers: Talli and RVD










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Dexter's Album 

22/08/08.....Hi, its Dexter here!!  I'm growing so quickly, I'll post some photos below to show you how squishy I've grown.  I love my mummy & daddy, I just have to race up their arms whenever they open the cage door.  Freerange time is my favourite cause I get to run and inspect things and run some more :) Mummy likes sitting me in the palm of her hands and kissing my belly.  I let her because I enjoy it for a bit but then I tell her "I gots things to do, put me down please".  

                                                                          Yours Furriest, Dexter

About Me:  

Our newest addition to our ratty family in 2008 is Dexter.  He is a beautiful silvery coloured rat with a soft white tummy.  

When we first saw him, he was huddled in the corner of an aquarium looking quite meek and shy while his brothers were wildly playing (as young ratties do!) 

I said to my partner - he's white, but he has ruby eyes so he cant be a PEW (which is a Pink Eyed White rat).  I was standing there for ages studying him and trying to figure out what colour he would turn as he got older.  

After an hour of deciding we went back and took him and his 2 brothers home.  

They were so young and cute and fuzzy!  I'd expect that they were about 4 weeks old.  Dexter was slightly bigger so its possible he was 5 or 6 weeks old.  

It took a while for their personalities to start to show but Dexter has been a nice surprise.  He started as meek and shy and has blossomed into a curious, attentive little ratty.  He'd rather seek out his humans instead of food.  He's still tentative and cautious but he is coming out of his shell and I have a feeling he's going to turn into a handsome, affectionate rattie as he grows.  

I'd have to say my favourite thing about him is not the look of his fur but the smell, he always smells like sherbet.  

His fur was a joy to watch change.  He started turning a brilliant silver which allowed his white berky tummy to show, then his undercoat turned a light dove or grey colour.  I've asked my partner if we can spell his name Dexstar because his fur is shiny and sparkly and brilliant like a little star!