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Bowie (male) 

Blazed / Argente hooded 

RIP Aug 05 - Sept 07










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This is Bowie.  He came about his name the same way Alice and Billy did.  Any guesses?  David Bowie!  lol

Nicknames: Bo Bo, Bowie Beautiful, Bowie Bunny

 As with all ratties Bowie's personality really stood out.  If there ever was a temparmental rat it was him.  He was a beautiful boy who loved to brux, but he was shy and a little nervous.  Probably came from having to live with the silly Alice rat.  

 Bowie came home with us the same day we got Alice.  He was the only rattie out of his litter with a blaze.  The first little rattie I had come across with one too.  (There aren't many breeders in Brisbane at the moment so its hard to come across rats bred for particular markings or colours or coat types) 

He is my winning rat - in February 2007 he won Best Rat in Show.  Everyone was so pround of him!  

When he was younger he loved to hide under things.  Under his blankeys, under Alice and of course he loved to shirt dive.  It didnt matter how much I trimmed his nails, shirt diving was only a sport he could enjoy - I on the other hand ended up with alot of scratches.  

Bowie ended up with a nasty bite on his right shoulder from his cagemate Billy.  As shy as Bowie was he didn't like being dominated by alpha male Billy.  It took about 3 months for the wound to heal completely.  Apart from the fact that it took so long to heal, he was lucky as it didn't get worse from infection.  He was treated with antibiotics and an ointment.  

In June 2007 he had a lump grow on his rump.  After a very expensive vet trip he had it removed and recovered nicely.  Although his fur was stubborn and wouldn't grow back completely. 

Bowie lost his best buddy Alice around this time.  We were worried that Bowie would be lonely but he actually became a bit of a piggy since Alice wasn't around to steal his dinner.  We kept an eye on him and gave him lots of warm blankeys to sleep with that winter and he was a happy Bowie rat.  Wulfy and Bowie had social time together but Bowie wouldn't accept Wulfy as his new buddy.  

All in all things went well for a few more months then one Sunday morning I went to give him some weetbix and he wouldnt come out of his boxie.  I knew straight away that something was wrong.  He was staring at me helplessly as if to say "mummy, I'm not well, please help me!".  He nipped me a few times as I got him out because he was in pain.  His whole body was shuddering and his legs were paralysed.  We took him to the vets straight away (luckily our rat vet was working Sunday morning!).  She told us he had either suffered a stroke overnight or there was something wrong with a spine - either way there wasnt much we could do to help him and as he was in so much pain she recommended we put him to sleep.  

So here's to you little Bobo... you'll always be the prettiest rat at the Rainbow Bridge.