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Billy (male) 

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RIP Oct 05 - Feb 08








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As with our Alice and Bowie, Billy found his name amongst the rich and famous.  Which Billy you ask?  Billy Connelly!  You weren't expecting that were you?  

Baby Billy rat came to live with us in late 2005.  By that time we had been owned by Alice and Bowie.  As all rats were around the same age it was only sense to introduce them and house them together.  Billy was quarantined for a short while and had lots of attention. 

I nicknamed him mouse because he was so tiny and fuzzy, however, he had HUGE feet.  

In no time he was off frolicking with his new cagemates.  He was a happy rattie and enjoyed pestering the other two. 

About 6 months old he came down with a rattle (breathing which can sound congested, or huffy, or squeeky).  He had all the symptoms of Myco which he was treated for the majority of his life.  Although the 'rattle' didnt go away, it didnt get worse either.  For most the time he was happy and eating and in no discomfort. 

When Billy neared his 1st birthday he started to get nippy towards us or fingers poked through his cage bars.  A month or so later he turned his agression on Bowie who wasn't as submissive as Alice.  Poor Bowie had a bite wound on his right shoulder blade.  

Billy was then separated to his own 'batchelor pad'.  With careful handling he was able to be picked up and handled.  His agression was due to being territorial so once he was out of his cage he was fine.  Unfortunately, at this time we didnt know that neutering could improve his behaviour and with the constant Myco symptoms I'm not sure if surgery would have been an option.  

Either way he was content to be by himself and only have contact with humans.  Towards the end of his life he was known as the 'Naughty Mink' but no matter how naughty or bitey he became I still loved him and treated him like any other rattie.  

In February 2008 he passed away in his sleep.  Its possible that the long treatment of medications he was given to help relieve his myco symptoms had affected his kidneys and they had shut down.  He was found curled up in his boxie with no signs of distress.  

Bye bye our little Billy Biter.  We hope you are behaving yourself a little better over the Rainbow Bridge.