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Alice (male) 

Downunder / Black Hooded / miss marked

RIP Aug 05 - June 05








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Welcome to Alice's Page. 

 Your probably wondering why the name Alice for a male rat?  Well Alice and Bowie  were cage mates.  They were born only weeks apart so they weren't brothers but they were best friends.  We had a theme when we named them - name them after a famous person they might take after.  Hence the name Alice Cooper.  He was quirky and had black fur - close enough lol.  

When Alice first came home with us he was a very quiet, reserved rattie.  After spending some time bonding with him and getting him used to a new house and new sounds and smells he began to come out of his shell.  

In no time at all he was bounding playfully from one end of the lounge to another, tackling his cagemate Bowie, and getting in to all sorts of mischief.  

He lead the mischief more like it.  One day we put their cage out on the grass so they would walk around and investigate.  Some how they managed to get the cage door open and sneak out.  Mum found them walking in a perfect line across the lawn, lead by Alice, Billy in the middle and a very nervous Bowie bringing up the rear.  I swear if Bowie could talk he'd be saying "um, guys... I don't like it out here, its not safe, lets go back and wait for mum to pick us up".  

A few months after we had Alice and Bowie we purchase a new rattie called Billy.  Because they were beginning to be boisterous young bucks we upgraded them to a larger cage.  It was then that we discovered Alice had a clumsey side to him.  I don't know how many times we'd hear a crash or thump and find Alice had fallen out of his hammock or off the side of the cage.  

He was a bit of a guts too.  You wouldn't think such a clumsey rat could go up and down the levels of his cage to retrieve food with such speed and precision.  But he did.  

Apart from being slightly over weight but an adorable squishy rattie Alice had no known health problems.  

In June 2007 we found he had passed away during the night.  There was no sign of illness or distress, he was curled up on his boxie.  We asked around to see what it could have been and our best answer was a possible stroke.  

We hope our little Alley rat is in peace somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge with his other rattie friends leading them on wild whirlwind adventures.