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~Rattie lover since 1995 and amature photographer

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My name is April and I hope you've enjoyed viewing my rattie site. 

I live in Queensland, Australia and was first introduced to the world of rats when i was 12 years young.  My first rattie was a champagne hooded boy who I called Fudge.  Since then we owned a handful of ratties.  We purchased 2 girls (which we were told were boys by an irresponsibile pet store) and unfortunately during a heat wave one summer they both passed away.  In 2001 I adopted a female rat from a local vets.  Her name was Ms Rattus.  We gave her a loving home and about a year later she passed away. 

Since then I started taking pictures of my ratties and as you will see my rats profiles start with Mr Rattus as prior to then I didn't have a camera.

I am also an amature photographer and in 2005 I invested in my first camera.   It was a Fuji finepix S5500 which is an SLR-like.  These types of cameras are very good for those wanting more out of their point and shoot cameras but dont have the money or time to invest in an SLR.

My camera travelled with me to Jenolan Caves in NSW all the way over to England and Europe.  In 2007 I upgraded to my very first SLR!  Its an Olympus E510 which I love. 

And of course - a very special mention to my partner Jason.  We met in 2006 and was rat daddy to my Wulfy.  I am honored to have Jason in my life.  He accepted my love for rats which blossomed into his own love for rats as he is also rat daddy to Talli, Dexter & RVD.  He is kind and caring with a wicked sense of cheekiness and humor.  So here's to you, my Jason and I hope we have many happy years with our ratkids :) lol

(p.s. I'll put a better picture up later hehehe)





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