Inventing Words

      As I got into writing my first fantasy novels and writing stories of any kind I became attracted to the joy of creating words and names. The best roll off the tongue. So for me Wulfstan Crumble just rolls off the tongue and feels good. Of course we all have different tongues and my Belgian truffle is someone else's balut.

     Two books revolutionised my feelings towards changing English. The first was "Mother Tongue" by Bill Bryson. This book introduced me to a whole load of ideas. It shows how we have half-pairs of words. You have good and evil as a pair but we only have ruthless or backlog. So of course we should have ruthful and forelog to compliment them. In addition he noticed words we have adopted from other languages like pjyamas and mercy. So now we say "he showed mercy" while in the past we said "He showed mildheartedness." These ideas got me thinking.

     The second book was "Tingo" by Adam Jacot de Boinod which sounds like a silly character referred to in Blackadder. Tingo is a list of words in other languages that we do not have in English.

    These books have long made me think about ways to improve English. The Bard is said to have invented thousands of words and phrases. It would be great if I too could do the same thing even though it will probably get me turned into an eccentric. Being British means being called an eccentric is a badge of honour. So, through this portal and a blog that i'll set up I will explore new words, imports and old English words we've stopped using and how we can use them today.

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