Deadly Dolly

Deadly Dolly

        “I was never mauled by a sheep as a child.”

        “You have now.” Melissa roared.
        Melissa Ewen was a hearty farmer’s daughter built like a female French tennis player. Bewbush smiled weakly as he wiped his trousers and edged away. Melissa was not so scared at all. “Don’t be sheepish Bew. Take a look.”

        He dared not. The smell was worse than anything he’d smelt before. Worse than his best mates’ bathroom. Melissa dug her boot under the corpse and flipped it over. “Its like some kind of beast. Half man, half sheep.”

        There was a rumble in the distance. The sound of a land ranger tearing up the fields. Soon enough a pair of bright lights shone on them. The ranger skidded to a halt and a trio of men jumped out. The first to bound over to them was Shaun Hogget, the youngest of the group and fastest runner in the village. He ran up, all fresh faced, ruddy cheeked Dumnonian with his floppy hair bouncing all over the place.

        “The farmers loved the idea of a killer sheep. They roared with laughter.”
        A deep voice ground behind them. “However, we came to see anyway.”

        The two men were lanky fellows full of wrinkles. They were farmers from the next hill. One farmed the sunside and was called Alwin Hodder, and the other farmed the dark side, his name was Moody McKay. Moody scratched his hooked nose and laughed. “Its no sheep. It’s a man.”

        “No.” Melissa shook her mane. “Look closer.”

        Beady eyed Alwin stepped closer and prodded the thing with the butt of his rifle. “It’s like some mating of man and sheep.”

        Shaun slapped his face in mock horror. “Oh my God! The Welsh are invading!”

        “What the flock are you talking about boy?” Moody snapped and fixed him with a stare.

        “Ah well… nothing sir. Well, this is some bad old hat Harry.”

        Harry Moody McKay snorted through his thrice broken nose. “Aye. That’ll be right. The sheep have been ripe for turning for such a long time.”

        “Nah.” Hodder poked the corpses sharpened hooves. “Someone’s been fiddling with these sheep and I don’t mean the Welsh.”
        “What?” Moody looked confused.

        “Wait… you mean…” A spark lit and faded in Melissa’s face. “Noooooo…”
        “Yes.” Hodder’s thin lips curled. “Someone’s been delivering more than dairy products.”
        “Wait a bluddy minute.” Moody roared. “Get a grip man. This isn’t bluddy father Ted. This is Devon.”

        Meanwhile while Bewbush hovered around the edge as the men and Melissa poked the body. Yet at all times he stayed as far away as possible without leaving the comfort of the Land Ranger’s headlights. “Its some kind of monster sent to get us all.” He mumbled.

        Alwin gave the thing one more kick with his boot. “Definitely dead. Should we stick ‘im in the boot?”
        Moody growled. “I ain’t sticking no Sheep-man in my boot. Stick him in your own bloody boot.”
        “Would if I could. Well, take a good look Moody, Shaun, Melissa. Cos they ain’t gonna believe us when we get back to the farms.”

        Shaun nodded. “What are we going to do now? Call the police?”
        Moody snorted through his nose. “No chance boy. The pigs are useful for nothing but shooting joyriders.”
        Alwin nodded. “Its true. We’ll have to fight this lot ourselves.”

        They all agreed and turned to find Bewbush sitting strapped into the land ranger. He‘d shrunk himself down as much as possible. Melissa felt sorry for him and quickly sat next to him with Shaun on the far side. “Hurry.” He implored with big fearful eyes. “I don’t want to die.”

        “You ain’t gonna die.” Moody thwacked him round the head. “Stop bleating and don’t piss yourself all over the ranger, its semi-new.”

        They turned around. Great wads of earth were sent flying as the wheels dug into the field. The lifeless corpse was quickly turned into a muddy blob as they pulled away down the hill. The end of the field was a metal gate between two drystone walls. They skidded to a halt as the hill melted away below them. It was Alwin who turned round first. “Someone’s got to go shut the gate.”

        Melissa sighed. “I’ll do it.”
        “Good man.” Moody muttered as a reflex.
        Melissa undid her seatbelt and opened the door and slid out. As they sat there Alwin began to feel odd little bangs. “Can you feel that?”
        Moody shook his head. Alwin wiped his brown then looked around. The glare of the lights just showed dark green grass. Then he felt the bang again. “I can definitely feel something…” His attention turned to the cup holder. There were ripples in the cold tea cup.
        Moody had seen it too. “What the f**k.”

        Alwin cleaned the side window with his cuff but he could not see a thing. “Turn the lights off man. I cant see a bluddy thing.”
        “Yes, kill the lights.” Shaun urged.
        With a flick the lights went off. A thousand red eyes flickered into life. Little dots amidst the blackness of the moor. They surrounded the land ranger on three sides. With each passing heartbeat the red dots multiplied. Alwin fingered his rifle. Moody’s foot pressed down on the accelerator a little.

        Shaun looked all around him. Bewbush stared at the floor with tears running down his face. The red eyes. He strained his eyes trying to see more than the light would allow. His hand made for the window handle but then he thought better of it. Then he saw the empty seat on the far side. “Melissa.”

TO BE CONTINUED...                                                                                                                                                ...EVENTUALLY

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