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"Everyday i dream. I dream with my feet on the ground, with my head in the skies and my heart in another world."


     Self-introductions are the hardest of things. One does not want to rabbit on about oneself and yet that is the very purpose of such things. That leaves us with two options. The first being the dry facts about a person though that tends to have the charm of a mortuary report. The second option is to write some prose that attempts to charm, endear or raise laughs in the reader. The very purpose being to make one look attractive to the reader. Of course such pomposity as refering to myself as oneself is potentially counter-productive to such rules of attraction.

     Wulfstan Crumble was born in 1980 to a Milkman who has never said a wrong word to him and to a wonderful mother who cuts him no slack and he is grateful for it. For the first two years of his life his companions included Domino and Ludo, his cats. Domino was black and white, gentle and affectionate. Ludo was a fiersome fighter and expert poacher (of other people's hamsters) who mellowed with age and came to trust Wulfstan implicitly. Then came his sister and three years later his brother. His sister works in Cheltenham and his brother studies accounting.



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