Hand-selected (based on great sales performance) by Zhena Gypsy Tea to do product demos and sampling.  I moved those units!

Working as labor crew and BA at a UTI event. Met the B96 radio promo crew and Julian.

My beautiful wife (then fiancée) and I at a Bridal Show

The things I do for money ...


Your parents' $ > College > Dressing up as Clifford the Big Red Dog

Since graduating college, I have rarely DJed.  Blame it on me not even bothering to find a gig.  That doesn't mean I still can't whoop most club DJs in the Chi.  Yeh, that shirt was kinda tight.

I coordinated a regional conference of about 150 students.  Opening speech.  I was kind of a big deal.

My bro, his ex, and I on the cover of the Taste 2005 booklet.  I was inside of the booklet in 2006.

Guiness Book of World Records 'Simon Says' attempt.  Only a few thousand people away from breaking it.  And that's my wife, who sometimes works promos part-time with me.

Flyering at IIT for The New York Times

Back to school Sears promo at DePaul - Lincoln Park.  Tiffany and I again :)

Daym, I look fine standin' next to him!  Sears promo at Depaul - Downtown.