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       A key aspect of effective teaching is having a plan for what will happen in the classroom each day. Creating such a plan involves setting realistic goals, deciding how to incorporate course textbooks and other required materials, and developing activities that will promote learning. These lesson plans were prepared by my undergraduate students as part of the fulfilment in their teaching methology course. 
       Undoubtedly, these plans are not flawless, and some of them can not stand the realistic test of classroom teaching practice.  That's might be another reason why they are worth publishing: these student teachers can share, reflect and comment upon their FIRST lesson plans in their teaching careers and they can, hopefully, draw some lessons from their work. 


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Unit One                    Prepared by Sun Yuanyuan, Zhao Jie, Chen Xueqin
                                                            and Lei Yan.
Unit Two                    Prepared by Liang Bo, Zhang Min, Ren Meiqing, 
                                                           Kang Tianli & Li Haichao
Unit Three                 Prepared by Wang Hui, Zhao Yin & Shen Juan. 
                                      and the 4th period lesson plan for this unit was 
                                      prepared  by Wang Xiaoying
Unit Four                    Prepared by Ding Lei, Wai Ziran, Xian Dongmei & Li Xin

Unit Five                     Prepared by Zhao Dina, Jin Hongyan, Wang Wei, 
                                                             Shen Yunhe & Zhen Yongpingy
Unit Six                        Prepared by Li Shan, Li Lin, Yang Yuanyuan, 
                                                          Zeng Hongjuan, Wangli, Li Xuezheng. 
Unit Six                        Prepared by Zhang Huaiyue, Zhang Wenwen, Li Jin, 
                                                            Dai Yinping & Zhai Jiandi,
Unit Seven                  Prepared by  Che Wenting, He Fang, Chen Litong
                                                             Wang Chunxia & Zhang Deping
Unit Eight                    Prepared by 
Unit Nine                     Prepared by
Unit Ten                       Prepared by Bai Yongshu, Zhang Yaojian, 
                                                             Zhen Yuxia and Wuyunqimeike
Unit Eleven                  Prepared by Zhang Ya, Li Na, Sun Li, Zhang Kun, 
                                                            Wang Yin   
Unit Eleven                  Prepared by Bao Jinjin, Yang Qiong, Fan Juanjuan
                                                            Sun Xiaoli, and Wang Yuanping.   
                                                         See also their PPT presentation