The purpose of this WU Frontiers talk is to showcase cutting edge research being undertaken at the university by young faculty.  Many areas of science and technology benefit greatly from cross-disciplinary exchanges, and one of the greatest hurdles is the lack of forums for communication of research problems. Younger faculty will have an opportunity to branch out in different directions by being aware of activities being undertaken on campus and research tools, resources, etc. associated with these.


The format is a 1-day conference of talks by WU faculty, targeted at non-specialists in the field and accessible to researchers in Science, Engineering or Mathematics, but also diverse areas such as the Social Sciences, the School of Social Work, and Psychology, among others.

These conferences were inspired by the Kavli Frontiers of Science conferences, run in conjunction with the National Academy of Science.See this link for more information:  http://www.kavlifoundation.org/kavli-frontiers-science

Do you know of an excellent speaker who is a young faculty member?  Please write to the organizers to suggest names for upcoming Frontiers Conferences.

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