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With an area of more than 1000 hectares (10 square kilometers), the BRBR is part of a much larger track of tropical rainforest of lower to higher elevation (450 - 1100 meters), on the eastern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes that extends inside and outside the limits of Sumaco National Park (190.562 hectares).


Encompassing an area of more than 6 kilometers in direct contact with the Park along the Bigal River, the BRBR is a buffer zone of primary importance for the Sumaco National Park, the importance of which shouldn’t be underestimated now that a road stopping at a distance of only 3 km from the BRBR limits, has been built.


This road will enable people’s access to the recently titled properties in the area known as “8 de Diciembre”, very close to the BRBR and therefore to the Sumaco National Park, in a wild environment never inhabited so far.


This is why our newly created Reserve must be seen as the only current alternative to the local people tendency to cut or slash and burn the forest in order to plant coffee, cacao or other crops, and to turn large areas of lands into cattle pastures.





The lower elevation forest under 3200 feet above sea level is hot and humid. At less than 2000 feet, the yearly average temperature is around 75/77 °F while rainfalls oscillate between 2 000 and 6 000 mm.  Humidity averages 90%, with higher figures during the rainy season.



In May 1994, an earthquake affected the Reventador volcano area on the eastern slopes of the Andes, destroying the main road and the oil pipeline connecting oil fields in the Amazon to the Pacific coast. As a result, another road was built (now the road Hollín – Loreto – Coca) through areas of unspoiled primary tropical forest which until then had remained unreachable.


 Immediately, national and international conservational groups understood the importance of the area’s biodiversity and urged the Ecuadorian government to declare the area as National Park. In spite of protection efforts, human colonization is still spreading at an alarming rate into pristine areas of forests similar to the one where BRBR is located.


Hydrographic features


The whole area is part of the nucleus formed by the presence of three major peaks(the Sumaco Volcano, the “Cerro Negro” and the “Pan de Azucar”), from which a huge river system is born. This fresh water network feeds huge rivers like “El Coca” and “El Napo”, which in turn end up their course in the mighty Amazon River.




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