Bigal River Biological Reserve

                                                                  Run by the  Sumac Muyu Foundation                   


The Bigal River Biological Reserve is a new protected natural area located in North Eastern Ecuador. It is composed of  a lowland tropical rainforest where the slopes of the eastern Andes are about to reach sea level, right in front Sumaco National Park, at an altitude of between 1640 feet and 3053 feet above  sea level.    

                                                         Hypsiboas punctatus



The Bigal River Biological Reserve is therefore a major buffer zone as the Bigal River is precisely the very limit of the Sumaco-Napo- Galeras National Park and Biosphere Reserve, which, in  Sumaco Volcano's vicinity, possess an area of  190 562,00 hectares. 


 Hyloscirtus phyllognathus

The Bigal River Biological Reserve is also a highly valuable refuge for a great variety of wildlife, some endangered and some endemic. Besides, it has been argued that the area is located in one of the most biodiverse area in Ecuador.


For many years, the lack of accessibility to the area where the Reserve is today located, has allowed flora and fauna to be preserved in the best pristine conditions.


The Bigal River Biological Reserve is run by the Sumac Muyu Foundation to protect the rich biodiversity of this forgotten and magic place of the country.


Heliconius burneyi (?)

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