Bigal River Conservation Project
"One small step for man, a giant leap for Tapir"









Main Objective


The BRCP main objective is to carry out series of actions which contribute to conserving species, ecosystems, genetic diversity, and natural resources within the boundaries of the Bigal River Biological Reserve and its surroundings, with a view of establishing an environment in which man and nature live in harmony.


Specific objectives

  • Environmental education: help local communities’ members to become aware of the importance of conserving biodiversity and preventing environmental pollution, by promoting the use of local renewable natural resources in daily life.
  • Involve local communities in Project’s progress and generate long lasting incomes for their members. Local communities participate in the Project’s activities and are part of the decision-making process associated with it.
  • Improve biodiversity knowledge in connection with all types of ecosystems existing in the area.
  • Long-term and efficient protection of the Reserve and National Park.


The BRCP originated in January 2008, with the encounter of the founding members of 2 non-profit organizations: the Sumac Muyu Foundation (SMF) and the Pura Vida Association (PVA). As they both found out that they shared the same level of environmental awareness and had identical Conservation goals, it was decided that both organizations would work hand in hand on a common Project and an agreement was signed.


The BRCP is therefore being managed by both SMF and PAV members who are sharing their knowledge and experiences, and joining their efforts to protect and conserve the Reserve and the National Park more efficiently and in the long term for future generations.


In order to reach its Conservation goals, the BRCP implement its activities with a view of supporting and strengthening sustainable development in local communities, through environmental education, alternative materials and energies’ use, sustainable use of natural resources, ecotourism, and scientific research projects.